I Charge By The Hour

I Charge By The Hour

An average car usually takes 8 hours to complete. Sport cars are usually 7 hours, SUV’s with 3rd row back seat usually is 10-hour job, this is average could be more or less depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Since I travel to the client’s home, I allow 30-minute travel time. After that its based on hourly rate.

A typical detail job is as follows:

On the Exterior

  • 1. Clean the engine compartment
  • 2. Clean the wheels and tires
  • 4. Wash vehicle
  • 5. Clay vehicle
  • 6. Rewash vehicle and dry
  • 7. Remove rub marks and minor scratches in paint if needed (I cant remove deep scratch. A deep scratch will make a clicking sound if you rub your fingernail over it)
  • 8. Swirl removal if needed (see other services)
  • 9. Apply Zaino AIO (All In One) with a machine then remove
  • 10. Clean all exterior windows w/ Stoner Invisible Glass with water repellant
  • 11. Apply 1 coat of Zaino Z5 Pro w/ ZFX by hand then remove
  • 12. Apply Zaino Z6 Gloss Enhancer by hand
  • 13. Apply second coat of Zaino Z5 Pro or Z2 Pro w/ ZFX depending on condition of the paint by hand then remove
  • 14. Apply 1 coat of Zaino Clear Seal by hand
  • 15. Finish exterior with Zaino Z8 Grand Finale by hand
  • 16. Apply Zaino Z10 Perfect Tire to all tires
  • 17. Apply Zaino Z10 to all black exterior trim
  • 18. Polish exhaust tips
  • 19. Clean windshield wipers

On the Interior

  • 1. Steam clean the interior – rugs, seats (cloth or leather), dash, door panels
  • 2. Condition all leather w/ Zaino Z10 Leather Conditioner
  • 3. Apply Aerospace 303 to all plastic and vinyl
  • 4. Clean interior glass with Stoner Invisible Glass
  • 5. Apply Aerospace 303 to all weather stripping

Other Services Available

Other Services Available

At hourly rate plus some material charge.

Clean and protect convertible roofs – cloth or vinyl with RAGGTOPP Products.

Swirl removal (Done at my place of business. The time required will vary depending on the condition of the paint and the size of the vehicle.)

Buff chrome exhaust tips inside (outside tips also available).

Rejuvenate plastic head lights and exterior trim.


Contact Me Today

Contact Me Today

If you require auto detailing solutions, feel free to get in touch with me and discuss your specifications. I look forward to working with you.